BOTOX® Cosmetic treatment is a simple non-surgical procedure that utilizes a few tiny injections to relax the muscles that cause the lines between your brows.

The treatment lasts for up to four months and the results are dramatic and apparent within days. Unlike many surgical procedures, BOTOX® Cosmetic is fast, simple, and minimally invasive with no downtime or recovery. In clinical trials, nearly 90 percent of the men and women surveyed rated the improvement as moderate to better. For many, BOTOX® Cosmetic virtually 'erases' these lines. The following dramatization shows what BOTOX® can do for you.

Who is a Good Candidate?

Any image-conscious man or woman who is concerned about the appearance of frown lines can consider treatment. BOTOX® Cosmetic can be used by people from 18 to 65. It is important to remember that BOTOX® Cosmetic is not magic. Because it is highly localized and administered intramuscularly, its effects are usually confined to the region of the injection. BOTOX® Cosmetic will not radically change your appearance or make you look twenty years younger. Others will know you've done something, they just won't know what. If you are interested in finding out if BOTOX® Cosmetic is right for you, please contact us to schedule a consultation.