CustomVue is the latest in LASIK technology. This technology upgrade utilizes the measurements taken from the WaveScan device to provide a customized LASIK treatment that is tailored for each individual patient.

The CustomVue™ procedure uses VISX WaveScan® technology, originally developed for use in high-powered telescopes to reduce distortions when viewing distant objects in space. Identifies and measures imperfections in an individual's eye 25 times more precisely than standard methods for glasses or contact lenses.

The result is a more accurate treatment with less occurrence of glare and/or halo associated with standard treatment methods.

Your vision is as unique as your fingerprint. Previous methods of measuring vision only provided a certain level of correction regardless of individual needs. As a result, many people were not able to achieve their full visual potential due to the fact that it was impossible to measure the subtle imperfections of the eye. WaveScan technology is a way for doctors to identify and measure individual imperfections in an eye 25 times more precisely than with standard methods. These measurements can then be input into the laser, providing a new level of precision and accuracy. The result is CustomVue™ individualized laser vision correction.

WaveScan Technology, simply put, is a much more accurate way to measure vision. The resulting correction performed with the Visx Star S4 laser greatly reduces the potential for visual imperfections that are sometimes noticed with standard treatments. Some patients report that they have excellent vision (in some cases 20/20 or better), but notice that it is not as sharp in low light situations such as driving at night. These visual aberrations have names like "glare" and "halo".

Who can have CustomVue™ Treatments?

As with all surgical procedures, not everyone is a candidate for CustomVue™ LASIK. CustomVue™ LASIK was approved in May 2003 for the treatment of moderate nearsightedness with or without astigmatism. Although the laser beam is delivered in a different manner, the surgery itself is identical to standard LASIK. Patients who are not candidates for standard LASIK are not candidates for CustomVue™ treatment. For more information please contact our office to see if you might be a candidate.