PRK or Advanced Surface Ablation is actually the forerunner of LASIK and certain circumstances may present the need for an alternative to LASIK.

This procedure is as effective as LASIK but may be a safer procedure for patients that have thin corneas, dry eyes, or other corneal issues. Even having certain vocations may play a factor in the most suitable procedure for a patient.

The surgeon does not have to create a corneal flap during PRK. Therefore, PRK offers less uncertainty and there is no risk of flap complication. The visual recovery is slower but the final outcome should be the same for patients that have PRK compared to LASIK. The CustomVue treatment can be used with PRK as it is with LASIK to give patients the most customized treatment for their individual eyes.

The CustomVue treatment can be used with PRK to give patients the most advanced correction for their individual eyes. PRK and LASIK are popular because both surgical procedures have proven to be safe and effective.