At Stokes Regional Eye Centers, we consider patient satisfaction our main focus. Our dedication to quality treatment ensures a superior result that shows in the smiles of our patients. Nothing gives us more satisfaction than providing quality service that can literally change a patient's life. The following article was written by one of our patients and appeared in our local newspaper.

Alice is just one of many satisfied patients who have undergone LASIK surgery at Stokes Regional Eye Centers. A combination of the latest in laser technology, highly trained staff, and the highest quality surgical supplies available provide superior outcomes and increased patient satisfaction.

When choosing a refractive surgeon, it is important to base your decision on the experience of the surgeon, quality of equipment, follow-up care, and the services that are provided. Not all laser centers are the same and many 'behind the scenes' decisions can affect your outcome. If you have any questions about refractive surgery options, please feel free to ask one of our staff members or schedule a free screening.

This is concerning the article in the Morning News a few weeks ago on LASIK eye surgery. I got glasses when I was in the first grade and then contact lens in the seventh grade. Every time I went to get my eyes examined I would need stronger contacts. I wore them all the time, of course, but when I had to read I also had to wear a pair of glasses. After I had been going to Stokes Eye Clinic for a few years, and had asked about this surgery, Dr. Isam Zakhour told me they were going to start doing it there.

This was in January 2000. I had my surgery on Feb. 3, 2000. I was so excited, because then I was legally blind without my contacts. Dr. Mark Ross did my surgery and I have been completely satisfied. The surgery didn't take long and there was no pain. When I sat up afterward, I could already see shapes better than I had seen them in years, they were a little blurry, but I could see. I am not ashamed to say that I cried. I can't tell you the feeling I had to get my sight back. As my daughter took me home, I was reading all the signs along the road like I had never seen them before, and I had been going along that road for 48 years, but somehow that day was different. I can even thread a needle without glasses or contacts and that is an accomplishment. I thank God every day for giving these doctors the knowledge of this surgery and their dedication to their patients. Thank you Dr. Zakhour and Dr. Ross from a very satisfied and grateful patient.
- Alice Gaynelle Fleener

These are a few patients who have had LASIK performed at Stokes Regional Eye Centers and their comments.

Refractive surgery for me was a good decision. It improved my vision and allowed me to get rid of my glasses. It was a challenging decision to make after reviewing the pros and cons, but I made the decision and I'm pleased with the results.
- Travis Brunson

Very positive experience. Results far exceeded my expectations. I would definitely recommend LASIK surgery. Upon my recommendation, several friends have already had the surgery.
- Kim Coxe

I was honestly very nervous. On the other hand, to be able to see the procedure being done and for me to be able to see when I sat up was 'AMAZING' I'm loving it, it feels so great, especially to wake up in the middle of the night and read the clock. Previously I had a prescription of - 8.50 and could not see anything without correction. I am very pleased.
- Tracy Brooks

I was a little nervous about the procedure, but everyone at Stokes was very patient with my questions. Dr. Ross and everyone did an excellent job and my vision is as good if not better than with contacts. Best of all, I don't have to have glasses or contacts anymore. The results have been wonderful.
- Rodney Gibbs

I was apprehensive at first, but Dr. Ross and staff have been very helpful and comforting throughout the process. Very fast and painless operation. Only took 15 minutes. I experienced no pain and had no side effects. It is great not to have to wear glasses anymore.
- Joe Firimonte

It was wonderful to sit up from the surgery and be able to see. I could read the newspaper the afternoon of the surgery. After wearing contacts for 35 years it's nice not to feel something in your eyes.
- Denise Caulder

In the beginning I was very apprehensive about the surgery. After the initial surgery and an enhancement, I am seeing better than I ever have with glasses or contacts. My surgical experience was very pleasant. Everyone was reassuring and explained everything they were doing.
- Paula Rowe
Fantastic! After wearing glasses for 35 years, I was eager to have the surgery, but very nervous. Dr. Ross and the entire staff were very professional and the results were miraculous.
- Art Justice

I was impressed by the professionalism by everyone at Stokes. Because of that I had complete confidence in them. The results of the surgery were so much more than I could have imagined. Everyone was very nice and professional. I had complete confidence in Dr. Ross and the results of the surgery have been wonderful!
- Mandy Bateman